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The Dark & Bright Side of Digital Marketing Training

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It’s an Eye Opener Workshop for Students, Parents, Digital Marketing Professionals, Trainers and Business Owners. 

Is Digital Marketing Good Field?

How to learn digtial marketing?

Offline Vs Online Course

Challenges and Future

How to decide the right course

How to find jobs in digtial marketing

How to upgrade knowledge

Typical Salary in Digital Marketing

Impact of AI on digital marketing

What if not Digital Marketing?

Reality of passive income

Questions from Audience

My 4 Hours Interactive Workshop will answer all your questions

Is 3 Months or 4 Months Digital Marketing Course Enough?

If you search on Google or make an enquiry, you may find a typical 4 months or 6 months digial marketing course with many modules, topics and tools with 100% placement assistance or guerantee is offered. I can show you how to choose the right course

100% Job Assitance? - Is that true or trap?

I don’t deny job and placement assitance provided by institutes. At Optron we also offfer placement support. But don’t take courses only because you are getting 100% placement assistance. 
In my workshop, I will show you simple ways to find jobs in digital marketing. 

Starting Salary and Package in Digital Marketing

Get the real answers avarage starting salary, highest salary and job roles with high salary packages.

It's not just OVER YET

Attent my workshop to get real answert to all questions

It's an eye opener seminar for you

Miss at your own risk. Think again

Get Answers to all your common questions

When and Where is this workshop?

Request for an Invite and I will send you all the details over whatsapp and email along with time, location and agenda.

Are you going to sell your courses?

No, I am not going to sell you course, no discount, no offers and nothing. This is an eye opener workshop to help you decide right courses and career.

Who can attend this Workshop?

Students, parents, working professionals looking for digital marketing skills can also 

Is this online or Offline?

Digital Markeitng Myths and Reality is an offline workshop for those who are serious about learning digital marketing or confused about their career goals. 

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